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Preparing For a Business Speed Dating Event
Preparing For a Business Speed Dating Event This Saturday - Sept 21, 2019 in Shenzhen, China my blog Global From Asia will be partnering up with Trustrade http://mikesblog.upsy/business-speed-dating-event/
My Son Speaks More Chinese Than Me - Mike's Blog 029
So my son speaks more Chinese than English and way better Chinese than mine already. (I really do study 30 min a day) . This is something I am still http://mikesblog.upsy/son-speaks-chinese-mikes-blog-029/
Arrive in Manila + a Volcano Erupts [Taal Volcano]
Welcome to the Philippines. Just a days in town, and the volcano an hour or so drive away in Tagutay - Taal - decides to perk up a bit. Here in BGC http://mikesblog.upsy/manila-volcano/
Climbed the Great Wall
at the base Friend I met on the Walk up BIG fishie I saw at a pit stop before the great wall one hell of a day of some tour company saying 50RMB to get to http://mikesblog.upsy/climbed-great-wall/
Got to Think Long Term
Reading a lot of articles today...between financial distasters and leaders getting shun...its got to be a much harder time for some compared to me - but I http://mikesblog.upsy/got-to-think-long-term/
Life is Moving So Fast (Miles Turns 4 Years Old)
Life Is Moving So Fast (Miles Turns 4 Years Old) The years are just flying by Mike’s Blog 180 It is true what they say - kids are like human timers. Four http://mikesblog.upsy/miles-turns-4/
Took Kids To The Beach (Amazing Vibes)
Wow, the feeling you get when your kids put their water in the ocean. I have taken them to the beach before (I remember when I visited my family in http://mikesblog.upsy/kids-beach/
Fun Sharing on The Events Podcast
Dan Taylor from The Events Podcast invited me on to share about experiences organizing events in China, enjoy http://mikesblog.upsy/fun-time-on-the-events-podcast/
Home Alone with the kids (wife in Nepal)
I’m Home Alone With The Kids (My Wife Went To Nepal For a Week) Just when I was getting back and resting up in Chiang Mai, about a week later my amazing http://mikesblog.upsy/home-alone-with-the-kids-wife-in-nepal/
Leveling Up After 3 Weeks on the Road: Bangkok, Guangzhou, Hong Kong
Leveling Up After 3 Weeks on the Road: Bangkok, Guangzhou, Hong Kong Last full day of Hong Kong as I wrote up today’s journal entry. What an intense few http://mikesblog.upsy/leveling-up-after-3-weeks-on-the-road-bangkok-guangzhou-hong-kong/
Guangzhou Hustle and Grind
Guangzhou Hustle and Grind Greetings from Guangzhou, China, mid September 2019. Here for some business development meetings for Alpha Rock Capital - and http://mikesblog.upsy/guangzhou-hustle-and-grind/
so yea, lets get this going!
The idea of quitting my day job has been on my mind for years - but why quit to work for someone else....well i have the business idea, i have some money http://mikesblog.upsy/so-yea-lets-get-this-going/
First Day In Hong Kong
arrived late last night - to start it off 1) my friends weren't expecting me for another day...took a couple calls from a payphone to reach their mobile! http://mikesblog.upsy/first-day-in-hong-kong/
Daughter Turning 5, Birthday Again in Lockdown
Daughter Turning 5 Birthday Again in Lockdown Home Blog Vlog About Subscribe Home Blog Vlog About Subscribe Mike's Latest Projects Work With Mike Daughter Turning 5 Birthday Again in Lockdown In blog family friends vlog by d http://mikesblog.upsy/daughter-turning-5/
What's Mike Up To Now: Feb 23-29, 2020
What Mike is Up to Now - Feb 23 - 29, 2020 Back in Manila, Philippines from a few days in Baguio city. Workshop on Friday went well, such a grassroots http://mikesblog.upsy/whats-mike-up-to-now-feb-23-29-2020/
Week plan Jan 19 to 25 2020
What is Mike Up To Now - Jan 19 to 25, 2020 Missing my wife and kids. This is harder than I thought. Wechat video calls are not the same. Recovering from http://mikesblog.upsy/week-plan-jan-19-to-25-2020/
Content Creators, Surrounding Yourself With People Like You
Content Creators, Surrounding Yourself With People Like You Mike’s Blog 139 If a tree falls and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound? That is http://mikesblog.upsy/content-creators-surrounding-people-like/
Grind Report - Year End Pomodoro Recap
Here is my Year End Grind Report So I haven’t done my monthly grind reports - and I feel bad about it. But I haven’t stopped measuring my daily pomodoro http://mikesblog.upsy/grind-report-year-end-pomodoro-recap/
On “My Worst Investment Ever” Podcast Sharing Biggest Business Failure!
Still on a roll getting the word out online and was invited on the “My Worst Investment Ever” podcast with the amazing host Andrew Stotz to share my biggest business failure. Share my story with your friends and colleagues so we can help them to avoid the mistakes I made. http://mikesblog.upsy/my-worst-investment-ever-podcast/
My Ice Princess: Happy Birthday Maggie, Turning 4
My Ice Princess: Happy Birthday Maggie, Turning 4 Time is truly flying by. And having children is definitely the ultimate life counter. My daughter turned http://mikesblog.upsy/my-ice-princess-happy-birthday-maggie-turning-4/

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