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Hong Kong Needs Stripe Merchant Account Services!
GFA026. As a Hong Kong business owner, accepting credit cards online is a crucial piece! We need Stripe in Hong Kong. With limited options for accepting credit cards online, especially in many of our e-commerce and technology startups! http://home.gfa/stripe-hongkong/
Coronavirus Impact: 28 Business Experts Weigh In On How The Coronavirus Is Affecting The E-commerce Industry
How has the Coronavirus affected businesses? We gathered from 27 business experts within the GFAVIP community and they answered! http://home.gfa/coronavirus/
SEO in 2017 and Leveraging International Opportunities with Doug Pierce
GFA160. Today's show we have Doug Pierce who made me his best man at his wedding in Thailand this summer. SEO, domains, online marketing, Doug will tell us all about leveraging international opportunities in 2017! For full show notes, check out http://home.gfa/leveraging-international-opportunities/
Selling on Amazon USA with a Chinese or International Company
GFA096. Everyone is going crazy to sell on Amazon USA from Hong Kong! Read our Reasons why you should setup your HQ in Hong Kong for your Amazon FBA business. Now back to the podcast! http://home.gfa/selling-on-amazon-usa-with-a-chinese-or-international-company-with-wilson-blues-gfa96/
Recovering From The Rejected Manufacturing Order - Dealing With Production Timelines
GFAE014. Recovering from a rejected order. Last week we discussed rejecting the Yiwu market order for quality issues, now we are sharing what happened and the factory visit results from last week. The pressure is on and we also answer some questions from listeners. Let’s get this interactive and - as we promised a live and real case study. For full show notes, check out http://home.gfa/recovering-from-a-rejected-order/
How to Open a US Bank Account Overseas as a Non USA Citizen
Are you doing business with the US or plan to relocate to the USA? Then opening a US bank account is important. Let's go through banking options. http://home.gfa/opening-us-bank-account/
The Second Amazon Gold Rush: Europe with John Cavendish
GFA173. This week's show, we have John Cavendish who is an established seller in Europe. He will talk all about amazon Europe opportunities and learn many things as he tackles the disadvantages, advantages as well as the strategies he has done. For full show notes, check out http://home.gfa/amazon-europe-opportunities/
The Ultimate Paypal Hong Kong Guide (Get Verified, Stay Safe)
Confused how Paypal works internationally? In Hong Kong? Business owners confused how to deal w/ multi currency & verifying check out our free guide! http://home.gfa/paypal-hong-kong/
Asia’s Rise In The War For Talent with Dr. Parag Khanna
Excited to share with you this week show - we are talking about the future of Asia with our guest who has a lot of resources and amazing insights. I learned a few things and got re-inspired. Let's tune in. http://home.gfa/asia-future/
Amazon Associates Marrying An FBA Business with Matt Diggity
GFA263. This week's episode we have the SEO Specialist Matt Diggity to talk about Amazon Associates Marrying An FBA Business. Let us tune in! For full show notes, check out http://home.gfa/amazon-associates/
Tips Optimizing Your Amazon Seller Central with Daniel Fernandez
Daniel Fernandez, a lover of big data, excel, and optimizing seller central. Let’s tune in and hear his tips and hacks for optimizing your Amazon Seller Central account. http://home.gfa/optimizing-seller-central/
Finding USA Advisors (White Face) Partners for Your American Expansion
GFA280. This week's show is pretty interesting. We have Warren Whitlock who is a social media marketer, content marketer, business expert, and all around. He is currently in Las Vegas USA doing amazing things and today we have this interesting discussion about ways to get American advisors and partners, about finding a US rep or a white face for your business in America. For full show notes, check http://home.gfa/finding-usa-partners/
What's Mike Up To - Now
What's Mike Up To - Now Home Blog Vlog About Subscribe Home Blog Vlog About Subscribe Mike's Latest Projects Work With Mike What is Mike up to NOW? Weekly updates on what Mike is working on right NOW!   Click into the blog post be http://mikesblog.upsy/now/

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